The Royal Society of Arts advocates the idea of basic income


The Royal Society of Arts, an organisation designed to encourage and empower people to think creatively to help shape society, has endorsed the idea of a universal basic income. Speaking on the subject, Anthony Painter, the director of policy and strategy had this to say:

[basic income] is a simple form of supporting people in their lives. The benefits [of basic income] are enormous and I’d put them in three terms: security, simplicity and freedom. It gives you a secure basis on which to base your life, whether you want to setup a business, learn, work or care for others; you’ve always got this basic security.

He also makes the point that basic income would mean radical reform of the UK welfare system, which is bloated, inefficient and complex. It also costs about £8 billion/year to maintain.

Getting the support of a prestigious organisation such as the RSA is sure to give basic more exposure and help to promote the idea further afield.

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