The future of cars – three predicted features


Autonomous vehicles are being tested by Uber and Google, amongst many others, in a fight to push the market and be the first to profit. Within the next 10-15 years it is likely that driverless cars will be commonplace on roads, with driverless commercial vehicles such as lorries happening even before that. As if driverless tech were not cool enough, here are three expected features which might surprise you.

Fully connected

Because cars will be networked for basic things like GPS, we can expect internet connectivity and a suite of apps to also be available to “enhance” our travel experience. This means that our cars might very well lend themselves to being wi-fi hotspots in the future, meaning we can be connected pretty much wherever we go.

Communication with other vehicles

Driverless cars and other vehicles will likely be connected to each other to enhance safety, but also to optimise travel. This could cut journey times down significantly because cars will be able to navigate around one another with efficiency humans could only dream of.


Luxury will be paramount

It’s also quite likely that cars will no longer resemble cars as we know them today, particularly on the inside. If there is no need for manual operation, why would we need mirrors, brakes or even a steering wheel? The cars of the near-future will be designed to make passengers feel relaxed, not alert.

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